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The Apron Shoppe Blog

Who says aprons don’t love technology?  Welcome to the Apron Shoppe Blog, the latest, most happening place where apron aficionados come to party!

Not Just Aprons

The Apron Shoppe blog is our not-so-secret diary, where we divulge what is on our minds – and aprons!   Whether we are discussing the latest apron trends or sharing the best natural ways to eliminate tomato stains from your vintage apron, the Apron Shoppe blog hopes to be the ultimate apron aficionado destination. 

Most importantly, the blog is the place for apron aficionados to have fun!  We hold fun contests where you can submit stories, photos, and ideas to win stylish prizes, including vintage aprons, kids aprons, designer aprons – and even a Few of Our Favorite Things. 

Speaking on matters of the heart, this blog will also allow us to share how Aprons are Changing the World.  Through our Aprons Change the World Campaign, we donate a portion of every apron sale to worthwhile charities – selected by both us and you, the loyal apron aficionado.  Through our blog, you can stay updated on how your apron support is changing the lives of others through organizations that represent the values associated with aprons, including healthy living and a focus on children.

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Of Course We Will Discuss Our Favorite Topic: Vintage & Designer Aprons

Of course, we cannot go too long without expressing our love for aprons.  Blog posts will feature new items that are being introduced to our store.   Through the blog, let us know what type of vintage apron design would be perfect for your mid-century modern kitchen.  What designer apron style would match your Jimmy Choo stilettos? 

Whether you are looking for ways on how to match your holiday apron with your décor, or what sizes of kids aprons are best for your toddler, we can’t wait to share our experience and ideas. 

Last but certainly not least, we will also let you know about special apron deals, such as closeouts, discounts and periodic sales.  

Aprons are our passion, and when we can pass along interesting information about aprons –  their history, the many uses, or an unusual story from one of our customers – we look forward to sharing with you on this blog!

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