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Aprons and Vintage Apron HomeThe Apron Colletions & Vintage Apron StylesShop for Vintage and Designer ApronsAprons and Vintage Aprons on SaleAbout the Vintage Apron ShoppeContact the Apron Shoppe :  Vintage and Designer Aprons

The Apron Shoppe is more than just a place to find the best selection of aprons available. We are a community of women who love vintage aprons and designer aprons alike, as well as the values that these timeless garments represent.  

To showcase how fun apron lovers are, we hold contests that reward our community of apron aficionados!  Visit this page frequently to find information about current contests, past contests, winners and the apron aficionados involved. Come back often to check out the latest information on upcoming contests and available prizes!

Apron Contest Information

Our contests are a great way to meet other apron lovers, designers and collectors, as well as share your views on this stylish culinary garment.  We hold a wide variety of apron contests, including photo competitions featuring you, your friends and family wearing aprons from The Apron Shoppe – as well as the stories centered on good times enjoyed in vintage aprons and designer aprons.

We are always brainstorming new ideas for future contests, so if you think you have a great idea for a new challenge, please let us know. If we use your idea, we may even send you a free vintage apron or designer apron as a thank you!

Apron Contest Rules

Contest winners are determined by staff or members of the community, depending on the rules of the contest. We will publish rules for each Apron Shoppe contest when they are announced which govern submissions and qualified winners. Not all entries may appear on our site due to the volume of entries that we receive. If you do not win, come back soon to enter our next contest!

Apron Contest Prizes

Each apron contest we hold will have a prize for the winner and may include a few treats for the runners up.   Prizes may include vintage aprons, designer aprons, kids aprons, or products featured in "A Few of Our Favorite Things."  Past winners have received aprons from all of our lines, including Vintage Aprons, Designer Aprons and Kids Aprons. Contest winners may be able to win aprons that are one of a kind or very limited, so check back often for your chance to win an apron that is entirely unique!

Current Apron Contest Info

We are getting ready to launch our next exciting Apron Shoppe Contest, so make sure you check back soon, and sign up for our Apron newsletter at the top of the page! More information will be coming soon!


Any Apron Contest Questions? 

If you have any questions about current or past apron contests, please contact us. We want The Apron Shoppe to be a community effort. It is a joy to meet our customers through these contests and hope that you will come back soon to play again!

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