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Enjoying a revival in kitchens everywhere, designer aprons and vintage aprons are once again becoming a staple in fashion and culinary statements – and for good reason!  The apron is a classic garment: simple, highly functional and instantly recognizable. It preserves a delicate dress and serves as the perfect place to wipe off your messy hands.

The apron has been unjustly relegated to the back corners of kitchen cabinets for too long.  At The Apron Shoppe, we want to bring the apron back to its rightful place in the center of the home. Whether you are looking for a vintage apron for the new bride, a designer apron to show your appreciation to the cook in your kitchen, or a kids apron that will encourage a love for cooking at a young age, our stylish aprons are the perfect present that will be treasured and worn for years to come.

Designer Aprons

Imagining yourself strutting your stuff down the runway? Then you definitely need to check out our selections of Designer Aprons. These aprons are custom designed by top Apron designers and will make you feel like a super model!


Why Wear an Apron?

While vintage aprons are enjoying resurgence in stylish kitchens everywhere, some modern women may be afraid of turning into a Stepford wife, or heavens forbid, their mothers. However, an apron is simply practical – and stylish!  Wear an apron a few times while cooking, and you will wonder how you ever did without one before. You will also likely have a strong desire to wash your entire wardrobe once you see how many splatters and stains are caught on your apron that may have hidden on your patterned shirts or dark jeans.

A waist apron – one that ties around your waist and falls somewhere around your knees – will catch a large amount of splatter and grease.  A waist apron is quite useful when you try to use your hip to catch that meatball sliding off the counter. A bib apron also covers your chest and is a must if you are wearing a nice dress, dusting anything in flour, or cooking with children.

Vintage Aprons

Daydreaming about being a perfect housewife with a sexy, mysterious side? The you belong in one of our suprememly tantalizing Vintage Aprons! Make your man melt with a wink and one of these Vintage Aprons!

Kids Aprons

Have a little friend who sticks to you like glue whenever you're in the kitchen? Suit your little cooking companion up in one of these delightful kids aprons and make them feel like a real pro - not just mommy's little helper :)

Holiday Aprons

Tired of feeling like a frumpy, tired Mrs. Claus in Santa's cookie factory during the Holidays? Santa will definitely be hanging around the kitchen when you put on one of these HOT Holiday Aprons.

Practical and Pretty

While an apron is designed to catch the messes of everyday life, there is no reason that it should not also bring a smile to your face. Our gorgeous aprons can turn a chore into a pleasure.

At The Apron Shoppe, we offer a wide variety of sizes and options to fit every woman. Check out our Vintage Aprons to see designs that bring to mind a different era and celebrate the beautiful motifs of past decades. For a modern touch, look at Designer Aprons with bright patterns and unique details.

We also offer a wide variety of apron styles for the young cooks in your life in our Kids Aprons section.  Kids aprons are a great way to encourage little ones to get involved in the kitchen and to take part in the mealtime celebration.

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